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Train Database 2020 14/05/2020 at 15:55 #126801
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Train Database 2020
Publicly released now!

After 5 months in development, I've finally released the train database which features locomotives, DMU's and EMU's. This database includes number lists, the relevant TOC / FOC, liveries, notes and nameplates. This is still heavily unfinished and is always being updated. Some stock aren't as up to date as others but these are being worked on. I'll probably focus on modern stock as that's the stock that I can get more information on regarding status, liveries, etc. I hope enjoy using it and I hope it's somewhat useful!

Update logs will be posted on RailForums on the dedicated thread -

This is a community contributed project. I.e. if someone posts to this thread that X train has been scrapped and provides proof, I'll mark it down as out of service on the database as I'm obviously not going to be able to know what the status of every single train in the country is! The same can apply with the train operator, livery, nameplates, etc.

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