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New TT?

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New TT? 12/06/2020 at 03:25 #127493
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Hey All! Currently, Testing a 2020 TT for Sth Humberside and wondered if anyone would be up to using it in the upcoming session (proposing I get worksop done) as it's all inputted just busy testing it for mini flaws it works surprisingly well for an old sim! So wondered if anyone would like to either
A. Help Test (If people volunteer I'll set a date etc)
B. Be up for using it on the 20th with a workshop TT for the same date?

Thanks In Advance

*I've Added the "Pre-tested" Version Down Below for anyone who would like to take a look, though I'll test it right the way through before uploading :)
(Also don't know if it'll upload right)

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"The Out-of-control Host"
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