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Diverting via Selby

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Diverting via Selby 25/06/2020 at 18:47 #127869
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In the attached, 6N03 is running very early and is booked to stop in the platform at York. Behind it is 6S37 which is slightly late, but has some recovery time to use. Hence I wanted to divert 6N03 (which is diesel hauled) via Selby so as to get it out of 6S37's way.

Originally it was timetabled via Temple Hirst Jn, Hambleton South, then Hambleton North; the revised timetable sends it via Temple Hirst Jn, Selby Canal Jn, Selby West Jn, and Hambleton East to Hambleton North. That arrangement validated, and I set the route accordingly.

However, when 6N03 reached Temple Hirst Jn, it called in with a very strange wrong-route message. The location it complains about not being able to reach is not the one that it offers to bypass, and the latter is the one it's routed towards anyway.

What is going on here?

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