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Newton Abbot ECS

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Newton Abbot ECS 10/07/2020 at 00:18 #129411
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Greetings all,

Apologies if this is a daft question but I have no idea as I have never created a timetable with this move.

I am currently working on an Exeter TT which is being built according to the schedule for late September this year when the Cowley Bridge to Norton Fitzwarren line will be closed for engineering work which I understand is for track renewals around the Tiverton Parkway area. One of the trains I have to include in this schedule (unless it gets removed) is an ECS from Paignton to Newton Abbot, known as 5F14:


In respect of the reversal at E706 this is on the Heathfield Branch but the location list used when editing timetables does not include the option to reverse at E706. I can't use any of the other reversal locations and I can't store it in a platform due to the fact that it waits at E706 for 45 minutes during which time northbound and southbound trains pass the area. TBH I don't see why they can't start 2F14 (which is 5F14's subsequent working) from Paignton instead of Newton Abbot but there you go.

If I simply put "Heathfield Branch" as the location would that allow a reverse at E706 or would I have to come up with something more complex which would mean 5F14 being kept on the move?


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Newton Abbot ECS 10/07/2020 at 01:20 #129412
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you'll need to enter it as Heathfield branch and it'll drop off sim. You'll then need to create a second train, say headcode 5F14, UID 5F141 or similar and have it enter from Heathfield at its booked departure time.

As insurance I'd also add a rule train $5F141 must not enter until 4* minutes after train $5F14 leaves the area, just on the offchance it runs really late. the UIDs might be different of course depending on what you're using.

* - or a suitable time for the driver to change ends depending on stock.

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