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ETB - Fouling the line without a token

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ETB - Fouling the line without a token 17/07/2020 at 10:11 #129692
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kbarber in post 129691 said:
It's in the ETB Regs (or certainly was in the 1972 book and previously) that you could shunt into a single line section without a token provided the train with the token was proceeding away from you. If the train arrived at the other end and the signalman there replaced the token in the machine, you were required to acknowledge the 2-1 then immediately send 3-3 (blocking back), which (under those particular circumstances) the other signalman wasn't permitted to refuse. It was also permissible to shunt on to the single line at both ends of the section under the protection of a 3-3 and without any token at all being withdrawn.
Split from https://www.simsig.co.uk/Forum/ThreadView/51054?postId=129691

Blocking back isn't permitted under ETB regs (TS4) anymore; nor by extension is shunting behind a departing train, though I don't know when that change was made. If you need to access the single line for shunting purposes you need to get a token out (5-2 / 2-5).

One limited exception is if you have a failed train in the section, and an assurance it won't be moved, you can shunt at either end until the failed train is fit to move, or you're permitting the assistance into the section.

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ETB - Fouling the line without a token 17/07/2020 at 11:00 #129696
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The concept of 'shunt following' seems to have survived in the RETB regs allowing a shunt token (up to the station limit sign) once a train with the section token has confirmed that it is beyond the sign :

As a pre-RETB example from 1984 (IIRC) consider doing a loco swap between crossing trains at Brora.
It involves leaving passenger stock on the single line (blocking a LC) and both loco's moving on the single line. I don't recall which if any had the token or if any signals were operated.
One of those 'fine when everyone knows what they are doing' operations.

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ETB - Fouling the line without a token 17/07/2020 at 11:09 #129697
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When I first read about RETB the description had five possible tokens for each section: A to B, B to A, shunt at A, shunt at B, and test/possession. The following three pairs could be issued at the same time:
A to B and shunt at A
B to A and shunt at B
shunt at A and shunt at B

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