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New timetable

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New timetable 29/07/2020 at 10:56 #130097
28 posts
Hi everyone

Just to let you know I have uploaded a new timetable for Moss Vale. See notes below. I am still finalising the last 12 hours of the TT to remove any conflicts or unrealistic timings and will hopefully upload the final version in the next couple of weeks.

See Moss Vale timetable for download.



This timetable is mostly fictitious. Some of the original timetabled freight paths remain.
Passenger Services:
There is an hourly fast service between Picton and Cootamundra(1CXX)/Junee(1SXX) and return (1SXX). Every other train continues towards Junee with the remainder terminating and turning back at Cootamundra.
A local service also operates hourly between Picton and Goulburn (2GXX)and vice versa. (2CXX)
Some of the original services that operate between Picton and Canberra have been retained, and retimed to fit in to the overall timetable.

Freight - there are still numerous freight paths, and the majority of the original have been retained. There is now a regular 2 hourly merry-go-round operating to Tahmoor Colliery and Undanderra, along with 2 hourly services between Unanderra and Milvale. These have been timed carefully to allow them to cross on the single line sections so let them run early at your peril!

UK Train numbering principles have been used (I apologies for this but could never get my head around the NSW principles causing delays and numerous mis-routings on my part!)

A few tips:
i)Generally, unless timetabled, if you put a freight service between a 2CXX and 1SXX, the 1SXX will arrive late at Picton.
ii)Go easy with the route queuing between Calwalla and Dombarton - it can't handle too many and will fall over if you stack too much. Likewise, watch out for TDs jumping back in the opposite direction of travel.
iii) When running the light loco around at Cootamundra, you will have to use the warner route to get it back into the down refuge. Likewise, when the train departs towards Milvale the Driver will ask your permission to move - do not set a route between CA 38 and CA 28 because the signal will momentarily clear and then revert to red, meaning the driver is going to complain to you about a COA. Simply authorise the driver at departure time and set normally from CA 28. Make sure the points coming out of the refuge are reverse before giving authority! (This will be rectified in the next version - my bad)
iv) The ACI does not work for terminating trains at Cootamundra - you will need to interpose the new headcode before it travels back towards Moss Vale.

Acknowledgments to the original timetable creator and also my train planning chums at work who managed to fix all my crossing issues on the Unandarra single line section!


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The following user said thank you: manadude2
New timetable 03/08/2020 at 17:30 #130333
348 posts
Sounds like fun! I think that’s next on my queue after I finish my run-through of the shipped Moss Vale TT. Is there any chance the extensive and detailed name and description shown on the download page could be put into the actual timetable file’s metadata, and the version number moved from the title into the version number field, so it shows up properly in F4? Otherwise I would have to go back to the site to get that information. Of course I can (and have!) done it locally on my own copy, but it would be nice if it were available for everyone, and for me if a future version is ever released. Thanks!
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New timetable 06/08/2020 at 04:18 #130415
28 posts
Thanks for the Feedback Hawk - I am currently in the process of some final checks on the last 12 hours of the timetable (and have also reinstated the Cockatoo train to mix things up a bit on the single line sections!). I will include the description when I drop the uprevved version.


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The following user said thank you: Hawk777
New timetable 18/08/2020 at 01:56 #130802
2145 posts
What year is this timetable based on?

With thanks

Barry, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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New timetable 18/08/2020 at 11:17 #130812
1267 posts
BarryM in post 130802 said:
What year is this timetable based on?

With thanks
I don’t think it is...

Jriver in post 130097 said:

This timetable is mostly fictitious.

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