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Motherwell 1993 timetable v1.0

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Motherwell 1993 timetable v1.0 08/08/2020 at 14:16 #130490
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Now available in downloads.

Runs from 00:00 to 03:00 next day with 4 full 'day of week' options for Tuesday to Friday.
The download is a zip file with additional splash screens and notes to help run the timetable. This should chain to the newly updated Edinburgh v3.2 and the imminent CSCOT 1993 v3.2.
Chaining has been analysed, but not tested.

This is a combination of 1993 passenger & 1992 freight, so is not accurate to one particular date. The timetable has ‘Day of Week’ options for TUE WED THU or FRI and some further variations intrains run. It has 885 trains.
The 1993 WTT did not contain coal trains, these being planned weekly, so the 1999 coal timetable
has been used instead.

Most train reporting numbers are accurate but some adjustments have been made where it aids
operation. For example local services run through in series and do not repeat, the Kirkhill line 2Pxx repeated in reality and the Shotts line 2Yxx were just odd.

Much less freight / trips than 1984, but more passenger with Whifflet and Motherwell - Cumbernauld reopened.

Timetable created by Bill Wilson, thanks to the Peter Bennet and the rest of the McSim team for
creating the sims and testing the timetable. Thanks also to the folks at www.scot-rail.co.uk who
provided a number of the historical details.

Have fun and file your comments / bugs below

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The following user said thank you: Mikhail
Motherwell 1993 timetable v1.0 31/08/2020 at 23:34 #131155
534 posts
To advise a sim/core bug/change referred to elsewhere:


makes this timetable tricky (for now) and impossible (with sim update) at Carstairs and Mossend.
Will be trying to synchronise the releases but could be astray for a few days.


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