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Slot for 8M64 does not get granted

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Slot for 8M64 does not get granted 13/08/2020 at 22:12 #130626
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I'm having a train here (save attached) which is not getting any slot into Kingmoor for unclear reasons. I have run the game for another 30 minutes and no slot gets granted for either 8M64 or 9T30.

(Old version of 1979-1980 TT, apologies if this is a TT bug.)

I did a move that is perhaps very illegal: double-stocking trains in the section between signals 436 and 449 by using the shunt route. I don't recall whether 8M64 was the first or the last, but the other train was headed into Kingmoor Depot. I believe it was 5P88D. Somehow this seems to have messed up the Kingmoor Yard logic.

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