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Simplifier issue (?)

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Simplifier issue (?) 13/01/2021 at 19:23 #136382
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Hi all

When using a few sims, I notice that the simplifier does weird things when “listing by time”

My example today was Victoria Central. The first 6 trains were all outgoing trains, and some of them were not in timetable order. EG 08:04 08:06 07:59 08:10 08:05

And below that where the rest of the trains, which all seemed to be in the correct order, regardless if they were arriving or departing.

As the trains departed, it bought more trains to the top of the list, so they were still out of sync.

Is this intentional? I can (kinda) see the logic if so, but surely it makes more sense to have them in time order, regardless of departing or arriving.

Stupidly didn’t get a screenshot, but it’s easily reproducable as I’ve got saves and I’ve seen it on other sims


Last edited: 13/01/2021 at 19:24 by Jay_G
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