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Chaining Help

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Chaining Help Yesterday at 21:37 #137430
Red For Danger
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I have been dipping my toe into chaining 2 sims together on the same computer without much success. I have followed the instructions on the server to chain Lancing and Brighton together and although the sims connect, there doesn't seem to be any interface between them.

I have followed the instructions on the Wiki, and set up Lancing as the primary sim, and then Brighton as the slave sim. Both Sims were started paused and at the same start time, the tt's match, but when I start Lancing the Brighton time does not change from the start time and remains red and appears to be frozen. No trains enter the Brighton sim, either from the fringes of from Lancing when a train crosses the 'boundary' between them. Although Lancing works fine, if I try and start the Brighton sim, I get an error message saying that the operation is not possible in a connected slaved sim (or something like that....)

I may be a bit thick here, but can somebody explain what I am doing wrong....? The Forum is very good at explaining how to set up the connection, but not how to manage the connected sims or what to expect afterwards in terms of Sim operation and control.

Also, how do delays work on chained sims....? Does the F3 delays set on the master automatically get transferred to the slave, or do you need to set them up independently....?


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Chaining Help Yesterday at 22:28 #137431
3251 posts
is the Synchronise time button ticked?

also did you get the confirmation message in the messages box along the lines of "connected to XXX"?

Regarding delays, You'll need to set the sliders independently on both sims, ditto with failures.

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