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Sheffield - Spring 2021

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Sheffield - Spring 2021 13/04/2021 at 15:58 #138566
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The following timetable has been approved and is available in the downloads section, please report any issues or have any discussion in this thread.

Sheffield Spring 2021

Sheffield timetable based on a weekday in Spring 2021. Contains a midnight start and also a 04:45 seed option.

Train information mainly from online sources with a little help from my friends!

Chains with:
Huddersfield (Spring 2021),

Freight included is based on what will have run on a particular day of the week, however there are some that have also been included that did not physically operate on the date sampled, or would generally operate on an alternative day of the week.

Passenger workings are as per online sources, there is a degree of artistic license when it comes to shunt moves.

Some of the shunt moves, especially in the evenings, will need the panel signaller to regulate them as necessary so as not to conflict with passenger moves, and there will be an element of queuing to use the shunt spur and then moving into the holding sidings.

A big thank you to Chris Law and Phil Hodgson for their help and encouragement along the way, really greatly appreciated.

Hopefully this will be an enjoyable timetable to play, any issues found please report them in the forum post that has been created as despite the testing there will no doubt be some things that have gone unnoticed.

Andy Allen
Version 1.0.0
11th April 2021

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The following users said thank you: Mikhail, bossman, Razzabazza123, Newhampshires, Chrisrail, haydenrobertson
Sheffield - Spring 2021 15/08/2021 at 14:42 #141160
291 posts
A slightly modified version of this timetable has been submitted to iron out some platform issues at Sheffield in the early mornings.
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