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Another "forgot to save" moment

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Another "forgot to save" moment 31/07/2021 at 15:07 #140873
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At lunchtime today I inadvertently left a Doncaster South sim running for approximately 33 minutes unattended (a shorter lunch break than usual).

Initially I was going to delete the subsequent saves and resume from where I left it. But then I thought, no, sort out the chaos. It was actually good fun, so good that I'm thinking of doing another one.

I remember that Maxand was good at creating chaos: the Derby one springs to mind and I know that several people took up the challenge of sorting it all out.

I bet that others have done the same thing

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Another "forgot to save" moment 31/07/2021 at 16:47 #140874
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oh yeah loads, my best is when I left a picc + east chain (me doing them solo) on for around 5 hours when I went out shopping and came back to chaos! was an.....interesting challenge sorting it out and took till around 5am the next day (simtime) to sort, good fun though!
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