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Moorthorpe Loop (Up)

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Moorthorpe Loop (Up) 02/08/2021 at 20:10 #140927
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It appears that when a train is due put in at Moorthrpe loop in the up direction, despite what it's TT says, signal 6582 will clear immediately to let it out of the loop.

This means a hurried return of the signal to danger, resulting in a penalty unless I put a collar on it (if I remember!!).

The down direction is not affected.

Could I ask one of you learned developers to have a look for me please?
TT in use - Leeds Ardsley 22-07-2021 SX

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Moorthorpe Loop (Up) 02/08/2021 at 20:38 #140929
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Do you have a headcode as an example? And is this with ARS enabled?
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Moorthorpe Loop (Up) 02/08/2021 at 20:53 #140930
976 posts
We'll need a bit more to go on. It is probably ARS setting the route forwards (even though you would prefer it doid not) but we'd need to know what trains are where to look at the ARS calculations - ie a save with the train entering the loop.

I pulled out a test train pair (6M28 overtaken by 1V46 at 07:27) and did not have the loop exit signal clear - see attached. ARS behaving OK, priority to 1V46

One point of note was that ARS held 6M28 at Moorthorpe and did not want it to proceed to the loop, despite the earlier pass time at Moorthorpe. It looks right out to the Swinton times.
However that is ARS for you (or the siggies would be redundant !)

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Moorthorpe Loop (Up) 02/08/2021 at 21:31 #140931
697 posts
ARS is setting the route on. Incidentally, I've also noticed all trains coming in from Ferrybridge are Red (If you have ARS to show as Delay rather than state) even when they are early or RT. Doesn't change passed any of the timing points.

6M89 booked into the loop at 0620-0626 to allow 1V44 to pass. 6582 has already pulled off and 6M89 is waiting to time, now delaying 1V44.
6M89 delay colour has now gone green to Yellow even though it's perfectly RT.

Then 6M04 is being held at 6586 stating that it's giving priority to 5C22 which is booked to pass after 6M04.

So something isn't quite right.
I'll throw a ticket up for it on Mantis.

Mantis 34279

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The following user said thank you: nnr
Moorthorpe Loop (Up) 03/08/2021 at 11:48 #140936
976 posts
Running your save, I locked the loop points to prevent 6M89 proceeding.

ARS did not calculate any priorities between 6M89 and 1V44. Once 1V44 passes Hemsworth loop the route is set for 1V44 anyway so still no ARS decision to check.
Although Hemsworth loop contains 5C22, no change in outcome if 5C22 is not run.

As for the later screenshot, there is a zero time getting into the ARS maths for 6M04. As such once stopped it will never get the route on ARS until there are no trains for the Swinton route in sim.


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