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2R51 Appears Twice in 2015-04-08 TT

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2R51 Appears Twice in 2015-04-08 TT 09/09/2021 at 15:40 #141494
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Hi all,

Really loving this sim and timetable. Been a challenge to play, and I love a challenge!

I have just noticed that 2R51 has appeared twice. I have 2R51/P34192 on time at BNS platform 11, and 2R51/P34192A running 18 minutes late at Chester Road. I notice there is a rule in the TT that says "2R51/P34192A must not run if 2R51/P34192 runs". Should there be a rule saying the opposite too? I guess 2R51/P34192A was chosen to run late before the decision to run 2R51/P34192 was made by the sim.

Normally I would just add the rule myself, but as this is one of the timetables that comes with the sim, I thought I'd let the writer/developer know.

Mark (Gwasanaethau)

P.S. Save attached if needed.

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2R51 Appears Twice in 2015-04-08 TT 09/09/2021 at 17:47 #141499
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Hmmm P34192A should be a seed for the 1400 start but would cause issues if it was seeded in the fringe between sims.

I've made them mutually exclusive as well as the must not run rule, which I hope should cure the problem

Passed the age to be doing 'Spoon Feeding' !!!
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The following user said thank you: Gwasanaethau