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Moss Vale Branch Storage Sidings

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Moss Vale Branch Storage Sidings 18/10/2021 at 06:17 #141913
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What is the correct method of allowing trains to enter and exit the branch storage sidings at Moss Vale? I'm trying to have 2924 access the through road for its scheduled stop. Any help greatly appreciated.
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Moss Vale Branch Storage Sidings 19/10/2021 at 00:08 #141938
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Branch Sidings at Moss Vale are accessed by ground frame (the 'Annett' key to operate the frame is released by the controller at Junee, but everything else is physically operated by the train crew at the location). To release and operate the frame, follow these steps:

1) Route the train as normal to signal MV 84 (near Yarrawa Street pedestrian crossing)

2) The orange letter 'F' near the siding entrance tells you which frame needs to be operated. Above Moss Vale you can see a list of ground frame releases. Left click the green button next to '155' to release Moss Vale 'F' Frame

3) In the menu Show -> Lever Frames, select 'Moss Vale Frame F', which opens a new window

4) In the ground frame window, click 'Annett Key' to simulate the worker at the ground frame inserting the key and unlocking the frame itself

5) Operate Lever 1, then Lever 4. You will see points move on the sim

6) Click 'Hsig from Refuge' to simulate a handsignal given to the driver of 2924

7) Set MV 84 to shunt signal MV 74 which is nearby on the down main line

8) Set MV 74 to the Down Refuge signal MV 54.

Even though you have set the route to 54 which is on the refuge, the fact that the frame has been operated means the train will move onto the Through Road of the Branch Storage Sidings.

To exit the Branch Storage Sidings down the mountain towards Unanderra, you will need to use Moss Vale Frame C (note the letter C at the other end of the sidings).

Please let me know if you have any trouble with these steps, best of luck!

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