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View pane zoom 18/10/2021 at 10:29 #141920
68 posts
Per this thread - https://www.SimSig.co.uk/Forum/ThreadView/53457 - I identified an issue with Victoria LUL and Oxted in particular, but possibly others, where the whole of the panel could fit in a standard 1920x1080px screen but the layout prevents that.

I've accepted that reorganising the panel bitmaps is a complex process, but as a short-term alternative would it be possible to implement a zoom feature, with a range of say 80-120% of bitmap size, for each view map window? This would also help smaller sims like Aston, Lancing, Roystead and ChicagoL which only use a portion of the screen, and it might be advantageous for multi-person screens so the operator can keep an eye on adjacent boxes without using up too much screen area.

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View pane zoom 19/10/2021 at 15:22 #141947
2538 posts
Because of how stuff is drawn, it's not really practical to zoom in in fractions like that.

If you're trying to keep an eye on other areas, there's the overview screen. It might be possible to allow multiple overviews, so that you can shrink them to the bit you want to keep an eye on, and/or to zoom them to twice or four times the size (the SimSig "pel" is 8x16 and the overview is 1x2, so 2x4 and 4x8 should be fairly simple to do). But it's not going to be a high-priority idea even if accepted.

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View pane zoom 19/10/2021 at 17:25 #141949
34 posts
As I mainly use the overview for moving about a sim, I would like to be able to increase the size of it so that I can keep an eye on where trains are more easily on the whole sim when I am working in a specific area. I think that this may be a good idea, but understand the priority issues.
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