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OY59 Again

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OY59 Again 23/10/2021 at 01:15 #141994
52 posts
Loader: 5.16
Data: 1.7
TT: 2009 v5.0

Just sent 2J98 to Oxley, and it's stopped at OY49, complaining about not being booked via Oxley CS, even though
its timetable has Oxley and Cosford, both with passing times.

Only thing unusual was I forgot to reinsert its headcode when it departed Wolverhampton from sub signal WN91
and got dinged for non-described train sent. Oddly the sim replaced the **** with the previous train to go that way
3S85, which didn't go to Oxley CS either, don't know if it's relevant.
I had to abandon TT to get it to move. I have a save if you need it.

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OY59 Again 29/10/2021 at 21:50 #142115
1774 posts
Firstly, it appears from your description that you've sent 2G99 - the train which forms 2J98 - too far along Platform 2. Because 2G99 is only a 2 car 158 - a mere 46m - and also because it is effectively turning around at Wolverhampton, it should only be routed as far as Signal WN85 half way along Platform 2 specifically. Another reason for routing 2G99 as far as Signal WN85 if using Platform 2 is because as a signaller you should never route a train actively carrying passengers (such as 2J98) via shunt signals (such as WN91) under normal running circumstances - this is because shunt signals rarely if ever involve overlaps beyond the next signal; overlaps are safety margins in case a train fails to stop for any reason at a signal displaying a danger / stop aspect (i.e.: red). If you only route 2G99 as far as Signal WN85, you will also not lose the headcode (train description) when it departs Wolverhampton as 2J98 directly from WN78 - but you must still ensure to interpose 2J98 before departure. Obviously none of this applies if you have to use Platform 3 or 4 for 2G99, as there are no shunt signals 'mid-platform' on those platform lines.

With regards to the auto routing at Signal OY59, I'm not totally surprised that it tries to route the train the wrong way (into Oxley CS) if you haven't sent forward the correct headcode. It is possible that there is some kind of simulation specific or generic code code involved and if it doesn't recognise the headcode it just tries to default to routing whatever train it is into Oxley CS. Regardless of the reason for the specific auto routing in question, I wouldn't have thought that this was a simulation bug as you haven't sent forward the correct headcode in the first place. How would you feel or what would you do if the signaller controlling Trent Valley Junction (Stafford fringe on the far left) or Darlaston Junction (Walsall fringe towards the top right) sent you an incorrectly or undescribed train? You'd effectively be left in the same decision; effectively guessing as to which way to correctly send the train.

I hope that this helps you, but please don't take anything I've said here as a criticism.

Keeping my current profile picture up until RAIB complete and release their investigation report. #RestInPeace #RIP #RailwayFamily
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OY59 Again 01/11/2021 at 04:49 #142141
52 posts
I generally signal trains to the far end, unless noted otherwise, maybe some trains need a Near stopping point added. It seems to be an edge case where the train is small enough to fit between 91 and 99, and signaller error :)

And just to be pendantic, apparently passenger trains can be signalled using shunts, either by the local instructions, emergencies, and 'exceptional' circumstances. If this happened in reality, I don't see any other way to reverse, and since the route is also set from 78, it would be OK'ed.

2J98, when signalled just to WN85, works correctly.
When signalled all the way to WN99, it loses the headcode @ WN91 as expected, but reinserting
it @ WN78 before setting the route also works as expected.

I watched the **** get inserted at WN62, then step to OY59, then get replaced with 3S85, but
I guess the default for non described trains is to Oxely CS. Not sure what the expected behaviour
of **** stepping is. I'll make a note to check in the future.

Last edited: 01/11/2021 at 04:50 by Kage
Reason: None given

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OY59 Again 01/11/2021 at 16:07 #142142
5720 posts
Kage in post 142141 said:
Not sure what the expected behaviour
of **** stepping is. I'll make a note to check in the future.
Not sure if this is what you mean, but **** (NDSD - non described special description) steps normally except where the to-berth contains a valid description, in which case the NDSD will clear out. What counts as a valid description varies between train describer manufacturers but for SimSig purposes an NDSD will never overwrite anything that is not an NDSD.

SimSig Boss
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