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Horsham Update?

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Horsham Update? 20/11/2021 at 12:19 #142400
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Sorry if this has been suggested before but has any thought been given to an update of the Horsham sim (aka. TBASC, Panel 7) to give a post-March 2014 era? At that time:

- Horsham Field Sidings had full signalling
- TBASC took over the areas controlled by Billingshurst, Pullborough and Amberley boxes

I know that the layout has recently been revised again although I am not sure to what extent. However an update to the sim would, among other things, futureproof this sim should the decision be taken later to bring out a West Coastway sim to which an updated Horsham would chain. I have been working on a mock-up of TBASC Panel 7 as I could see it if a post-March 2014 era was released but might be reluctant to share it once finished if it would make an official update less likely. But would it?


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