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Whitehall Road GBRF - Routing problem 01/12/2021 at 09:26 #142666
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After recent updates with the Leeds EastWest sim, there still appears to be a problem with getting a freight to reverse into Whitehall Road GBRF
I'm trying to re-input freight 6D18 into my Leeds EastWest 2018 timetable, and there is still problems getting the timetable editor to run the thing into Whitehall Road. I had presumed this had been fixed with the sim updates for Leeds EastWest.

It still doesn't like the reversal at Sig 3625, and rejects the route when you go to validate it. I have attached a WTT file with the train on (minus consist), it only ran for 1 day during the duration of the 5-day timetable, but its an interesting move.

The timetable for 6D18 is here :

Can it put it on Mantis as a repeat request for attention please (I don't know the original ticket number, sorry).


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Whitehall Road GBRF - Routing problem 01/12/2021 at 14:23 #142677
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I couldn't find an existing ticket for this Phil. Looking at the sim data you'll also need Whitehall Junction after Whitehall Signal L3625, but there is an issue with that validating with the correct line code coming from the DWC. I've logged 35077 for attention.
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