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Missing timetable services chaining

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Missing timetable services chaining 21/01/2022 at 01:26 #143705
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When chaining New Street to Saltley with the 2009 timetable some of the cross country services from Saltley, both the Derby and Bromsgrove area, that are timetable to cross the New Street panel (From Saltley back to Saltley). Are not timetabled in the New Street timetable e.g. 5V82, P24041, 0434 Barton Under Needwood - Reading (XC 4/220) (0445 start). There are other services throughout the timetable were this happens, a short list of them 1v44, 1v82, 1M47, 1V44, 1V04, 1s71, 1M00, 1v46, 1v05.

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Missing timetable services chaining 21/01/2022 at 01:35 #143706
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This has been discussed briefly before in the following thread https://www.SimSig.co.uk/Forum/ThreadView/51066 . A timetable update is pending to correct the issue.

Mantis 34986 applies.

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