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Crannaford AHB

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Crannaford AHB 18/03/2022 at 09:03 #145776
575 posts
Crannaford AHB is drawn on the panel as Crannaford, with two Ns. However, the failure message says "Crossing failure at Cranaford", with only one N. Also, the crossing fails while a down train of 140m is calling at Cranbrook station. This is the regular train length in the 2021 SX timetable. Is this length or failing behaviour correct?
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Crannaford AHB 18/03/2022 at 10:56 #145777
1315 posts
Both issues have been reported before in this topic but I don't know whether they have already been raised on Mantis.
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Crannaford AHB 19/03/2022 at 11:51 #145780
Peter Bennet
5363 posts
I've fixed it now.


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