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Aggressively difficult

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Aggressively difficult 14/04/2022 at 13:11 #146135
27 posts
I am enjoying this - mostly - but grief, the endless signal failures are really grinding.

Obviously, in part the difficulty is due to the complexity of B-NS - but also the number of faults to track circuits and signals has, for me, become overwhelming.

Is it possible to fine tune to difficulty between zero failures and what it seems to be be stuck on medium difficulty which feels like is more like "always four at any one time" rather than the 'occasional' described in the start-game UI - every time a problem is resolved it feels like something else within a few seconds, breaks.


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Aggressively difficult 14/04/2022 at 13:15 #146136
267 posts
Yes, in the Options you can move the sliders to increase/decrease the frequency of failures, and also set the max number of simulatenuous failures.

Edit: To add, you do this from the options menu once you've started the Sim, not in the startup window.

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Aggressively difficult 14/04/2022 at 15:48 #146140
Red For Danger
170 posts
To clarify further, open the F3 menu and then select failures. You can then fine tune to suit your preferences. Be warned however that track circuit failures need to be set to a very low level or you will always have 4 track circuit failures at once and nothing else......
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Aggressively difficult 14/04/2022 at 18:07 #146142
190 posts
My usual approach here is to set the failure sliders (signals, track circuits, points) all the way to the left, then click the right arrow on each of them once. On all but the smallest and simplest sims, that will tend to give you several failures per day, and sometimes more than one at a time on the larger sims.

I do think this features needs to be re-tuned.

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Aggressively difficult 20/04/2022 at 22:54 #146236
99 posts
I'm running the Kings Cross sim on Standard mode and, besides the maximum of 3 failures I seem to get 3 'train delayed' scenarios at all times, as often as 1 reports itself resolved another, sometimes even the same stopper at the following station, phones in as delayed.
For example, 7?32 (Watton Oil to Dalston Kingsland) has just reported as delayed 50 minutes because of 'awaiting replacement driver' whilst sat of the down line at Watton after the loco had recently entered from the terminal after the reversing move.

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