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Problem with 0G20 in Milford Down Sidings

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Problem with 0G20 in Milford Down Sidings 27/05/2022 at 19:32 #146647
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I’ve had several goes to get 0G20 from Milford signal M5248 to the Reception via the Run-Round Loop and signal M5241.
The first time I inadvertently sent it to siding No.1 (I think) where it reported being at the buffers. I think that this was because I ticked the number 5 box thinking that this would set the points into the Run-Round, but if I had been more careful, I would have noticed that ticking No. 5 would indeed send a train into No.1 siding. Anyway, I reversed it as far as signal 691 and then reset the Ground Frame as per the attached screenshot. But I have yet again managed to send it to the buffers and not through the Run-Round.

I’m obviously doing something wrong so I would appreciate if someone could tell me what that is and advise me of the correct sequence. I don’t think that a save is necessary, just some advice.

Thanks in advance.

No need to answer this question. I've gone back to an earlier save and unticked No.5 in the Ground Frame and 0G20 arrived at signal M5241 as per its tt.

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