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Bugs: Accepting wrong routes & passing signals at danger

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Bugs: Accepting wrong routes & passing signals at danger 12/02/2024 at 00:51 #155296
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Thank you to the dev(s) for sorting the TD stepping & timetabling issues in the recent update!

I've found three bugs in the pre-2014 version (possibly also 2014), and have attached the save file just after the train took the wrong route.
-Trains pass Cowley Hill GF 5 signal at danger when the points are set, rather than waiting for the signal.
-Cowley Hill GF 5 signal is not visible unless the GF is released. Not sure if intentional?
-Trains booked via Ravenhead Junction will accept a route towards Huyton do not challenge the route.

I then investigated if trains would accept any other wrong routes and found that:
-Trains booked to head to Warrington will accept a route into Cowley Hill.
-Trains booked to head into Cowley Hill will accept a route towards Warrington.

Also, following some brief research, irl Cowley Hill ground frame's signal cannot be pulled off unless SH17 signal is also cleared. The lever for GF5 appears to be electrically released by SH24 lever, and the pull plate is marked "9, 12, 17". I know other sims have signals that need to be cleared first, not sure how difficult this would be to implement?

Not hugely game-breaking bugs but I'd appreciate if they were looked into! Thanks.

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