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Motherwell 1984 TT issue

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Motherwell 1984 TT issue 22/02/2024 at 02:17 #155443
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Be aware that with loader 5.28, the way ARS handles train order at Carstairs has changed. If left to its' own devices ARS will now put the rear portion (1Cxx Edinburgh - south) in before the Glasgow section.

Save attached
1O25 arrive 10:18, depart 10:28
1C25 arrive 10:21H gets put in first

Suggest collar MC406 from the UPL, or set the 1Cxx to non-ARS to get around the issue.
Mantis 40339 advised

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Motherwell 1984 TT issue 22/02/2024 at 02:37 #155444
6280 posts
A reminder that ARS is an aide. Please put this kind of comment in the timetable's description as the forum is not a place for regulating tips - we'd be here all day!
SimSig Boss
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