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Cornwall Liskeard Yard token not returned before joining move

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Cornwall Liskeard Yard token not returned before joining move 14/04/2024 at 11:47 #156043
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When running round a loco in Liskeard yard, where the loco runs into Liskeard 2, then up to the yard gf and back into the yard where it joins the train. The Liskeard - Coombe token is not returned and locks up the branch, until PAR S&T come to resolve the issue.

In the attached timetable liskeard slt2.wtt TRAIN is 100m and LOCO is 20m. TRAIN enters St. Germans, runs through Liskeard and propels into Liskeard Yard stopping FX25, DER:LOCO then runs into Liskeard platform 2 where it picks up the token, runs past TRAIN in Liskeard yard and reverses at Liskeard Yard GF before joining back up to TRAIN in the in the yard. Following the join TRAIN is booked to run to Moorswater.

RobJ, who is writing a timetable in the 2019 era of the Sim, has told me that when a loco comes from Moorswater and joins a train in Liskeard yard the token is returned as expected.

Whilst writing the test timetable for this I also discovered that a train booked to station-reverse in Liskeard platform 2 with no arrival or departure time specified, traveling from Liskeard Yard and to Liskeard Yard GF, will not even try to stop at Liskeard station and continue towards LD11. This behaviour can be found in the misspelled liskeart slt.wttt (also attached).

OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit
Loader: SimSig Loader version 5.28; Sim: Simulation Cornwall; data version 1.6
License: Dynamic license in use
TT: liskeard slt2 v0.0.0
TT filename: liskeard slt2.WTT
TT merged: False
Sim upgrade: False
Loader upgrade: False
Save reloaded: False
NSIMERA active at start
NERA2000 active at start
NPROBLEMS active at start
NNONE active at start
NTORR active at start
NTORR_TRUE active at start
NAB active at start
NAB_TRUE active at start
NLX active at start
NLX_TRUE active at start
NLXON2000 active at start
NBLOCK2000 active at start
NBLOCKFAL active at start

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The train now standing on platform 2, should be on the rails
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