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Crewe South Yard 09/05/2024 at 20:46 #156245
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I'm doing a touch of timetable testing of a 3 day lot for Crewe over Easter 2024.
I can't seem to get 3Q70 Crewe South Yard to Holyhead to enter in the sim. The shunter calls in I accept train to enter and then never shows. The rules are correct, the train is a 197 3-Car under testing with goods lines ticked. Save Files Attached.

OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit
Loader: SimSig Loader version 5.28; Sim: Simulation Crewe; data version 1.3
License: Locked license in use
TT: Crewe PSB Easter 2024 v1.0.0
TT filename: Crewe PSB Easter 2024.WTT
TT merged: False
Sim upgrade: False
Loader upgrade: False
Save reloaded: True
NERA2015 active at start
NERA_DCI_OOU active at start
NERA_DED_OOU active at start
NTORR_ENABLED active at start
NTORR active at start
NLX_OFF active at start
NEXTRA_AUTOS_OFF active at start
NABON_FRINGE_OFF active at start
NABON_INTERNAL_OFF active at start
NPROBLEMS active at start
NNONE active at start
NNORMAL active at start
NSALOP choice 1

Aaron (AJRO) | Timetable Writer
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Crewe South Yard 09/05/2024 at 21:12 #156246
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i remember reading somewhere on here that Crewe South yard has issues and trains need to be removed via F2 in order for following trains to enter or run.

Hope this helps

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The following user said thank you: HST125Scorton
Crewe South Yard 09/05/2024 at 21:18 #156247
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Thank you so much!!.. I had a train enter South Yard early hours and found it under F2. I must of missed that about trains not leaving the sim at South Yard.
Aaron (AJRO) | Timetable Writer
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