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6M63 Crewe Coal Sidings

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6M63 Crewe Coal Sidings 26/05/2024 at 13:35 #156358
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Hope someone can educate me. I have a train (6M63) that comes from Madeley and wants to go Basford Hall SSN/SSM, then Crewe Sig CE543, ending at "Crewe Coal Sidings"
I send the train towards CE543, when it arrives it self reverses and then says it is standing at signal SY.
How do I get it to go into the coal sidings ? If I give it permission to pass signal SY it just ends up back at NH7.
Is there a ground frame I am missing ?
Any help would be appreciated.

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6M63 Crewe Coal Sidings 26/05/2024 at 13:43 #156359
902 posts
No player intervention needed on this one. The off sim route will automatically set the route between 10 and 30 seconds (random timer) of the train approaching this off screen signal.

I suspect, but can't confirm without a save game that this has already happend, and the train has left the area? If this isn't a case, please upload a save this can be investigated.


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6M63 Crewe Coal Sidings 27/05/2024 at 00:10 #156366
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Thank you, James.

I reloaded the sim on a previous save, left 6M63 to it's own devices and, sure enough, it disappeared from the F2 screen.
All that was left to do was right-click and cancel the train off of the panel.
So it appears it is working as intended.

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