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South Marston as a exit issue

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South Marston as a exit issue 14/06/2024 at 19:21 #156578
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Any idea why the simulation gives two completely different messages when using the timetable analysis function at all?

Basically there are two services which exit the area at South Marston however when you go into the timetable editor to validate said train, it reports it was successful with no errors found BUT use the Analyse Now button in the timetable editor, it complains Invalid path code ML at South Marston.

I don't expect any updates for the sim in question but what is frustrating are the two conflicting messages.

I loaded up the default 2009 timetable where I came across this issue.

The two services are 0O79 and 4B79 which arrive from the Didcot end of the panel, in another timetable there's a service which exits at South Marston from the Swindon end and that works fine.

Does anyone know what path code should be used here?

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