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Gresty Lane to Basford Hall via Down

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Gresty Lane to Basford Hall via Down 16/06/2024 at 11:11 #156594
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running the crewe summer 2003 weekday.

0k39 is supposed to come out of Gresty up loop and go to BH New via G19/22.
I can get it out of the Up loop. I do the RQST/Accpt thing but I cannot make the signal work from GL19,GL17, or GL41.

However I *CAN* get it to work via Gl46. The manual states it wont work from Gl17 but whats the correct way to get the loco where it needs to go ?

although the up works it doesn't look like the pointwork wil let you into New Sdgs, just the up arrivas

SSG attached

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Gresty Lane to Basford Hall via Down 16/06/2024 at 18:07 #156598
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This is an interesting one. So far as I can make out, you can only set a route from Gresty Lane to Basford Hall via the Down line (using the through acceptance) from GL46 signal, which can't be reached by a train departing the Western Sidings without doing some shunting.

I suspect this is a timetable issue, as it's impossible to get the engine from where it's sat to Basford Hall if you want to go into the New Sdgs. Should the train be able to be sent to BH on the Down line from GL 17/19 anyway?

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Gresty Lane to Basford Hall via Down 16/06/2024 at 19:36 #157598
902 posts
It is an unusual one, and one I've looked at a few times because its never felt right

17 has routes towards the Up Salop, Up Main and WR Sidings
19 has routes towards the Down Salop, Down Salop Goods Loop, Down Main, Up Main & Up Goods

My only theory is that at one time there'd have been a lot more moves shunting back and forwards from the Down Sidings to Sorting Sidings and they didn't want to go via the arrival lines once there, hence the route from 46 (48 & 50 in the oldest era)

I've logged Mantis 40987 to look at removing the extra path, but at this time I'm unsure weather this will cause more issues at this stage


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Gresty Lane to Basford Hall via Down 17/06/2024 at 09:55 #157600
254 posts
I've deleted the LE to keep on going ... will advise if any more pop up ... nice timetable all the same
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Gresty Lane to Basford Hall via Down 19/06/2024 at 06:43 #157619
360 posts
Weirdly I've not encountered the same issue (Despite running through the TT a number of times), but when i'm back home at the weekend i'll have tinker and see if i can find a fix. (Passing GL19 at danger is the other immediate fix i can see with all the points locked for the route)

Glad your enjoying the Timetable!


Resident Mock Maker! / "The Out Of Control Host"
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