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Ranskill signal D160 failed

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Ranskill signal D170 failed 03/07/2024 at 15:41 #157741
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Hi there,

I just had a quite funny signal failure at Ranskill:
Signal D170 at Ranskill had a failed green lamp.

This resulted in the following interesting behaviour:
- Without a train, signal D170 is showing danger all the time.
- When a train was approaching D180, Torworth LC slot gets granted and D170 is now showing double yellow.
- When a train was approaching D176, D164 at Sutton LC cleared and resulted in D170 failing and D174 reverting to danger.
- this on the other hand leads in D164 reverting to danger.
- D170 then reverts to double yellow and D174 then clears again.
- then D164 clears again - now D170 is flashing in unlit and double yellow and D174 is flashing in danger and clear.
- there's no ACOA-message and trains are passing those signals at full speed.

I've attached a gif showing the event, a screenshot of the Incident Control Panel and a savegame with 1E22 approaching Ranskill.


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Ranskill signal D160 failed 03/07/2024 at 16:07 #157742
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Thanks, I will take a look at this just now.


Update: Mantis 41084 applies

How to report an issue: www.SimSig.co.uk/Wiki/Show?page=usertrack:reportanissue
Last edited: 03/07/2024 at 16:29 by Hap
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Ranskill signal D160 failed 03/07/2024 at 20:40 #157743
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That's quite a complicated sequence but quite plausible.

There's a similar one in the Peterborough sim where a signal will alternate between red and yellow if a certain other signal has a failed lamp; this happens in real life as well, according to my sources.

The reason you're not getting an ACoA or trains slowing down is that the train movement is calculated once per simulated second while the aspect flashing has two flashes per second. So the train never sees the ACoA or the red signals.

Not sure why it doesn't complain about D170, though. It should be seeing that unlit.

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