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SimSig Crewe covers the many small signal boxes around the Crewe Area, along with Crewe PSB itself, the core depicted era is that immediately after the 1985 re-signalling of Crewe Station.

The Crewe simulation covers the West Coast Mainline from Madeley (Exclusive) through to Acton Grange Junction (Exclusive) as well as part of the branches toward Manchester via Sandbach, and Liverpool via Runcorn. The branches towards Shrewsbury, Chester, Greenbank and Kidsgrove are also included, as are the many access points to the yard complex at Basford Hall.

Options have been included to make the workload more manageable for a single player such as extra auto buttons, and turning off controlled level crossings and the absolute block equipment.

Crewe chains to all seven adjacent simulations, which allows for huge variety in multiplayer games.

Individual simulations for purchase
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