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This section contains information on how we should conduct ourselves.


Where there is information that applies, try to keep to the guidelines in the Style Manual . It is there (or, at least, will be there) to help us all get a consistent look and feel to the site.

Use the Edit Summary box to comment upon your edit. The diff feature (explained in due course) will show what has changed, so if you are changing something in the page, it is less important to describe ''what'' you did than ''why'' you did it.

Be nice. Don't insult people's work in the edit summary. A little banter is fine, but don't start name-calling.

These two might seem contradictory, but they can be reconciled:

  • Take ownership of your work. Feel as though what you are doing is worth something, and others will do the same.
  • Don't take ownership of your work. Other people can edit your work too. Take issue if someone adds mistakes, not if they merely change the tone.

If you don't agree with something that is said in any of our policies, don't sit in silence. Speak up. We're all humans, and make mistakes from time to time.

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