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Wiki Project Goals
Goal 1 - self-containment
Goal 2 - completeness
Goal 3 - multiple levels
Goal 4 - self-policing
Goal 5 - product first

Wiki Project Goals

We are here to provide documentation, on a variety of levels. Here are a few key goals.

- Self-containment

- Completeness

- Multiple levels

- Self-policing

- Product first

Goal 1 - self-containment

This means that, within reasonable limits:
  • Users should be able to find as much information on the program on the Wiki.
  • Writers should be able to find as much as they need to know about style, etc. on the Wiki.
  • The policies that govern it should be available on the Wiki.
  • For things that directly concern us, there should be as little need as is reasonable to refer people elsewhere.
Where possible, the Wiki should aim to be self-contained, within reason.

Goal 2 - completeness

As part of its self-containment, the Wiki should aim to contain info on:
  • Use of SimSig itself
  • Use of the Wiki
  • Some signalling background (but not too much)
  • Any background should be at least enough for people to understand roughly why things work the way they do.
To aid in self-containment, where possible, the information on the Wiki should be complete.

Goal 3 - multiple levels

Specific items will describe what a particular feature does (e.g. "through line stop"). General documents might contain walkthroughs (e.g. "setting up multiplayer sessions").
Documentation should be at a range of levels, from the specific to the general.

Goal 4 - self-policing

This is what we might call "ownership", in the metaphorical sense. We can sit back and say "We did that", and be proud of it. All rules and policies, including these goals, are open to discussion by anyone, at any time. If the community at large supports a change, a change should be made. A long-term goal is that there is a minimum of intervention from anyone at TRE, or from Chris.
The community of users and writers should get a sense of ownership and empowerment, and have a hand in running the project.

Goal 5 - product first

Process is sometimes important, but it should help us reach the goal, not get in the way of it. Product before process, not the other way around.
Our ultimate goal is documentation. Everything should guide us towards that.

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