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Possible Meet Venues
More information needed

Possible Meet Venues

Below are places that have been suggested with the results from the researching.

Location Details Verdict
Cardiff Many great pubs found especially with Cask Masque, also within close area to the station are hotels for overnight stay and also curry houses for evening food = Great possibility
Chester From information passed on to me by another simsigger I am currently to believe that Chester has a lack of pubs that serve real ale - note: the fact sheet at this web-site lists 38 pubs serving real ale in Chester town centre which casts doubt on the passed-on information. Requires further research
Crewe From information passed on to me by another simsigger I am currently to believe that Crewe has a lack of pubs that serve real ale - note: this seems unlikely given this blog . Requires further research
Eastleigh Only few places found could possibly be worthwhile. A couple of good curry houses and overnight places of stay found though Slight possibility
Guildford Two great places have been found. Good Curry houses found and plenty of places for overnight stay are available. However a debate undergoes about the ease of transport access Slight possibility
Hull Some really good pubs have been found within 10 minute walk of the station. A couple of curry houses have also been researched. Lots of overnight places are very much available in short distance from station however transport arrangements could be difficult Possibility
Manchester Has a few good pubs all in town center in which is close to all three major stations. Tram services are also an added option op top of the train services at reasonable cost. Curry houses and overnight stay again very wide option available. Good possibility
Newcastle Meet booked for 14th. July 2012 JULY 2012 MEET
Reading The places found are at a distance from the station. Some good curry houses and places of overnight stay found. Slight possibility
Stevenage Another problem hit area for finding a real ale pub with function room near to station and also finding a decent enough curry house again a problem although many overnight stay places. No go
Swansea Nothing within the criteria for pubs near station No go
Swindon Bit like hull, selected few good pubs with great curry houses in local area and very much accommodating for overnight stay. No known suitable venues for multiplay meets and requires a change of trains from most parts of the country. Not good
Tonbridge Very poor area for research found for everything No go
Westbury No suitable venues near the station and not much accommodation No go

More information needed

BIRMINGHAM Good for access
BLACKPOOL Preston or Manchester easier access
CAMBRIDGE Peterborough easier access
EXETER Bristol more accessible
LIVERPOOL Manchester more accessible
NEWPORT Bristol more accessible
SHREWSBURY WCML locations easier access
SOUTHAMPTON too far south

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