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Signalbox Visit Rules
The Signalbox
What's Expected of You
Your Own Visits

Signalbox Visit Rules

When SimSig are lucky enough to obtain a signalbox visit, we have to ensure that we leave a good impression in the name of SimSig. While most people will consider these rules and guidelines common sense, please read them anyway to ensure there are no nasty surprises in store.

These rules/guidelines are not definitive and are subject to change.

The Signalbox

- Visits are arranged by SimSig for the benefit of everybody. Therefore please be on your best behaviour for the benefit of all.

- Do not attempt to gain entry to the signal box on your own. If you're early you'll have to wait. If you're going to be late, phone the organiser as soon as you know, as the organiser might have their phone switched off after entry to the signal box. Unfortunately late comers might not be allowed in.

- Whilst every attempt is made to have a satisfactory visit, there may be (and have been) occasions where the visit has had to be cancelled at the last minute or cut short due to incidents outside our control. Where possible, any monies given to SimSig for the purposes of attendance will be refunded minus administration fees in such cases.

- Signalboxes are safety critical work environments and the signallers are there to carry out their work - not to serve you. Do not disturb any signaller who is obviously busy. Even those that don't look busy may be concentrating on observing the situation so if you want to talk, ask if (s)he minds before firing away. If they don't want to talk, respect their decision and back off.

- Never operate any controls, telephones, push buttons, switches, or anything else without permission. Many signallers are reluctant to let visitors set routes because they, as the signaller, are responsible for your actions - somebody who they don't know.

- Taking photos is usually possible and the organiser will ask permission on behalf of the group upon entering the signalbox. If possible, avoid flash but note that such pictures are likely to be blurry without a tripod, which in itself is a hazard! So use flash if permission is granted but be careful not to disturb the signallers. Try to avoid any identifiable features in photos such as people or telephone numbers pinned to the panel or workstation.

- Video may be possible but signallers appear to be more reluctant to allow it.

- Permission should be sought before publishing photos on this or any other website. Make sure there is nothing personally identifiable (people, addresses, phone numbers, etc) visible in the photos.

- While applications to visits are generally open to all on a first-come-first-served basis, SimSig reserves the right to reject applicants based on past behaviour.

What's Expected of You

- Do not turn up under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Remember that even a few drinks the night before can still cause you to be under the influence the next morning. Network Rail have a zero tolerance policy towards drugs and alcohol which applies equally to visitors as it does employees. Upon entering safety critical Network Rail premises (such as signalboxes) you are consenting to be subject to drugs and alcohol screening on the spot. With that in mind, the organisers reserve the right to turn away anybody suspected to be under the influence to avoid such risks.

- Behave and be courteous. Your actions could influence the viability of future visits, whether to the same signalbox or elsewhere.

- If you have a bag, leave it in a safe place at the side of the room. Carrying it onto the operating floor risks it swinging and operating or damaging equipment.

- Don't take food or drinks onto the operating floor.

- Switch your mobile phone off. If you want to make or receive calls, send or receive texts, or otherwise use your phone, leave the operating floor first.

- The rest room (kitchen) is an area where signallers can escape from the pressures of work. Don't start interrogating them there, though everyday conversation is obviously fine if the signaller wants to talk to you.

Your Own Visits

- You are free to arrange your own visits to signalboxes but SimSig cannot and will not provide contact details for you. SimSig have worked hard on professional relationships to get these visits organised.

- Never use the SimSig name to attempt to arrange a visit without written (including email) permission from SimSig. Those who can give that permission have email addresses.

- SimSig will be unhappy if you use a visit as a fishing expedition to gain access to other contacts or signalboxes. Be courteous by informing SimSig if you want to gain such information.

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