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New Website
Current Issues
Preference Issues which may or may not be implemented
Dev / Tester issues
Admin issues

New Website

This is an actively changing list of issues with the new website. Numbers in [square brackets] refer to the issue tracking number (not public).

Current Issues

Non-Wiki issues:

[None remaining]

Wiki issues:

  • Wiki parser needs to be more tolerant
  • Parsing/formatting of tables in the wiki (e.g.

    these platform lengths )

  • Wiki: unnecessary line break at the link in the line above this
  • Formatting of lists like this in the Wiki not showing bullet points
  • External images in wiki not displaying
  • No way to upload new images for the wiki, edit existing ones, or see which images are actually available in the first place
  • No protection against conflicting edits on the wiki
  • No Wiki preview


  • No way to report an inappropriate post [15939]
  • Timezone functionality broken, as is the drop down selector on your profile [15940]
  • Latest post section shows users posts and boards which they don't have access to (But clicking either the thread or the board redirects to the home page) [15893]
  • edit link missing and the page footer is mixed up with the article body

  • Internal images in wiki not displaying
  • Last line or word(s) not showing in WIki (sometimes)
  • On some wiki articles post most of the content is missing in the editor (e.g. Sunderland workstation description)
  • After hitting one of the BBCode buttons in the editor, keep the input focus on the edit field and either leave the selection alive if any text was previously selected, or else place the cursor between the newly inserted tags [15942]
  • Links in forum posts sometimes show incorrectly [15941]
  • Developer link on Product Details page fixed
  • Email notifications fixed
  • Some (not all) downloads not working - fixed
  • Pay by credit card directly disabled (waiting for PayPal to enable their end)
  • The page title doesn't reflect the name of the forum/thread/wiki article you're currently looking at
  • No longer need to be approved to download files (but must be registered and have confirmed email address)
  • Several sim downloads fixed
  • User post count in forums corrected
  • New quotes don't contain a post ID, so after sending a reply the quote is displaying as "username in post said:"
  • simple [quote]-tags without user and post id specified aren't working
  • Latest posts section uses a different styling for the "New" posts indication than the rest of the forum
  • Forum quoted person names cuts off if there is whitespace
  • Edit forum post broken
  • Red "view details" buttons on product pages jump to random Sims
  • Logo filesize is now huge
  • When logging in for the first time you get stuck in a change password / log in loop
  • Cannot log out (might need cookies for cleared to actually start working)
  • Session details forum removed
  • Non-descriptive error message when a post/article contains prohibited characters
  • Timetables section has a note (This section will be limited to specific users before release) but I can view this section when logged out
  • Acceptable file formats seems to be case sensitive (seemed to be avatars, not forum)
  • Updater now working again
  • License Manager issues
  • Forum post counts may be off, as are the last post on parent forums
  • Thread replies count off by one for imported topics (new topics seem to work correctly) (will not fix)
  • Spam postings and threads no longer hidden (latest posts)
  • On the wiki, sometimes (see Sunderland workstation description) stars in the middle of a line are converted into bullet points when they shouldn't

Preference Issues which may or may not be implemented

  • Cannot delete your own thread
  • Backwards ordering in a thread
  • No preview feature when editing a forum or especially a wiki post to check that you've got the syntax right
  • Possibility to show forum search results as posts instead of whole topics
  • Sims for purchase could do with being regionalised like for donations.
  • Chicago Loop needs to be moved to Other (possibly rename that to non-UK). I don't seem to have necessary permissions


  • Would be nice if forum-reply-body CSS class did not have a !important height, as it appears to prevent the text box from being resized in Firefox using the resizing handles
  • List of latest topics in sidebar rather than link to latest posts window
  • Too white
  • Escape "dangerous" characters (e.g. angle brackets) instead of flat out prohibiting their usage
  • Too much whitespace
  • Logo has white background which is now visible with the off-white screen
  • Default to first unread post in a thread (or at least have some way to get there; it used to be optional where clicking the thread name would take you to the first page of the thread while the X New Posts text would take you to the first new post)
  • Ability to browse recently added file downloads

Dev/Tester issues


  • Mantis access not working (see Testers' forum for new location)
  • Dev Manual access not working
  • File category edit not working

Admin issues

  • Users Index > EmailConfirmed : no apparent way of overriding the tick or generating a replacement email (Peter-Test2 being the case in point).
  • Some admin functionality is now no longer available to us - maybe deliberate. For example to create pages to regionalise products for sale.
  • .


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