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SimSig Central Scotland

SimSig Central Scotland



This SimSig simulation covers a large geographical area between Glasgow (Queen Street), Polmont and Dunblane. The original simulation notionally represented the area and signalling as at November 2007 when I visited all the boxes (Larbert Jn had closed a few weeks before and was not visited). However, there are some variations and inconsistencies; e.g. Cowlairs carriage sidings closed some years ago and an option to have the Stirling to Kincardine line which was not (re)opened until 2008.

Subsequent developments as part of the Edinburgh- Glasgow Improvement Program saw electrification of most of the area, along with removal of almost all semaphores and the closure of all signal boxes south of Stirling, control passing to Edinburgh.

The area covered was controlled from 13 boxes, consisting of:

Box Description Label Hot Key Closed
Carmuirs East (lever frame but generally colour light signals) CEJ F/L
Carmuirs West (lever frame with mixed colour light and mechanical signals) CWJ H/F Transferred to East box in EGIP
Cowlairs (NX panel) CC
Queen St: Q
Cowlairs: W
Springburn: B
Gartcosh: G
Cumbernauld: M
Edinburgh workstation EGIP
Dunblane (lever frame and generally mechanical signalling) DN D
Fauldubs Jn (lever frame mechanical signalling) FD L/P
Grangemouth Jn (NX panel) GH F/L/P
Greenhill Jn (NX panel) GJ H
Larbert Jn (lever frame mechanical signalling) LJ F/L Transferred to North box EGIP
Larbert North (lever frame and generally mechanical signalling) LN F/L
Plean Jn (lever frame and mechanical signalling) PJ L Transferred to Larbert North EGIP
Polmont (NX panel) P/PB F/P Transferred to Edinburgh EGIP
Stirling Middle (lever frame and mechanical signalling;
from 2008 a separate NX panel was in use adjacent to the levers to run the reopened line to Alloa and Longannet)
Stirling North (lever frame and generally mechanical signalling) SN D/S

Note: as well as the Alpha Hot Key the numbers 1 to 8 will step you across the screen in equal steps.

"Closed" in the above table represents the state in early 2017.

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