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General operational points

General operational points

There are a few “oddities” in the signalling.

The main running signals have a mixture of comprehensive and non-comprehensive approach locking with timings of up to 2 minutes. An extreme example is signal P5 with a 4-minute timer (comprehensive).

There are four signals (P7, P61, P68 and P71) with no approach locking timers.

Five signals (P7, P52, P61, P71 & P72) have one-click route setting whereupon they work as automatics till the route is pulled; with the exception of P72, none have route illumination.

Signal Auto buttons work a little different from other Sims in that you can set the auto working before setting the route and pull the route without the auto button cancelling. In some areas, the auto button works more than one signal as marked on the panel.

At Royal Albert Bridge single line approach signal P64 to P66 will call the Warner route if point 268 is normal, the same happens for P1 to P3 with point 270 normal. You may wish to manually move the point to select the main routes or select the onward route first.

Two of the Tunnels (Marley and Wivelscome) have occupation indicators, they display slightly differently. At Marley, the white roundel will go hollow with the tunnel occupied. At Wivelscombe, the roundel is hollow when the tunnel is clear, and solid red when occupied.

Docks 2 and 3 at Plymouth Station are selected by means of a hand point lever. Left Click the lever to move the points. Normal is towards Dock 3.

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