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Phone calls

Phone calls

Entry calls will be received from:

  • Devonport Royal Dockyard
  • Laira MPD and Embankment sidings
  • Lipson sidings
  • Engineering sidings
  • Tavistock Up and Down sidings

In addition, you will get a call from the Laira shunter when trains are ready to move off from the washer at Mount Gould or the parallel line (Mount Gould Jn) for the MPD or Embankment Sidings. Signals P365 and P185 are controlled by slots operated by the shunter and will not clear unless the shunter has authorised the move as requested through the phone call. The shunter will call also call in from P181/P179 but only if the train is not timetabled to stop at P365/P185. The Sim programming means that untimetabled trains will not be recognised and can't be signalled into Laira.

There are phone calls in connection with the operation of the Gunnislake branch staff. You will need to release the staff for the train to proceed. Full details can be found here

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