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Timetable Information
Line Code Information
Platform Lengths
Use of Platform Numbers
Fratton Locations

Timetable Information

The following notes will be of use to writers of timetables for the Portsmouth simulation.

Line Code Information

The simulation is based on the signalling in use prior to 2006. As a result of the resignalling work undertaken at that time, a significant number of changes were made to the timetables after that date. The major change was the altering of line names between Fratton and Portsmouth & Southsea, which are summarised in the table below.

Line name in sim New Line Name Line Code Used
Up Main Up Main Line UML
Down Main Up and Down Line Not used
Down Relief Down Main Not used
Back Road Back Road BKR

Platform Lengths

Portsmouth Harbour

Platform 1 = 8 Car

Platform 3,4 & 5 = 12 Car

Portsmouth & Southsea

Platform 3 = 10 Car

Platform 4 = 10 Car

Use of Platform Numbers

The following table gives details of where platform numbers are mandatory, along with any platforms which are acceptable alternatives.

Location Platform Numbers in use Suitable Alternatives
Portsmouth & Southsea 1, 2, 3, 4 None Permitted
Portsmouth Harbour 1, 3, 4, 5 Platforms 4 and 5 are suitable alternatives for each other

At all other locations the use of platform numbers is not required.

The attention of the signaller is drawn to the platform numbers at Portsmouth & Southsea High Level. These two platforms are numbered the 'wrong' way round, and it is to be noted that although platform 1 can be used as an arrival platform for Down trains, the signalling will not permit the running of Down trains towards Portsmouth Harbour. It is also recommended that any terminating services use the low level bay platforms, even those operating under the VSTP arrangements.

Fratton Locations

Fratton Depot complex has 3 entry locations as follows:-

London End (Signal 131)

Entry location = Fratton Old Yard

Exit location = Fratton Old Yard, Fratton Depot Fuelling Point, Fratton Storage Sidings

Country End/Fratton CSD (Signal 22)

Entry locations = Fratton Carriage Holding Sidings, Fratton CSD,

Exit locations = Fratton C.H.S, Fratton CSD

Country End/Fratton Rec & FP (Signal 505)

Entry locations = Fratton Recp

Exit locations = Fratton Recp

Also at Fratton is a location for Fratton Staff Halt, which is on the way into the C.S.D. This means that trains stop part way into the depot.

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