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Level Crossings


Level Crossings

Please note that penalties will be incurred if barriers at CCTV crossings are lowered for more than 12mins (if no trains pass), or 15mins (even if trains pass one after another).

Location Type Duty
Anniesmuir TEL Duty 6
Bow of Fife AHB Duty 6
Clayton TEL Duty 6
Curriehill TEL Duty 4
Culross TEL Duty 5
Cults Mill TEL Duty 6
Halbeath CCTV Duty 6
Heatherinch TEL Duty 6
Hospital Mill TEL Duty 6
Kingsknowe AHB Duty 4
Kirknewton AHB Duty 4
Knowles TEL Duty 1
Markle AHB Duty 1
Muirton TEL Duty 1
St Germains CCTV Duty 1
Sweetholme TEL Duty 6
Torphin TEL Duty 4
Valleyfield TEL Duty 5

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