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SimSig Horsham
Area of Control

SimSig Horsham

SimSig Horsham represents Panel 7 at Three Bridges ASC which controls the area formerly handled by Horsham Signal Box. It also simulates Dorking (CBK) signal box which fringes with Panel 7.

Area of Control

The area of control covered by Panel 7 starts from a point between Three Bridges and Crawley stations, to a point between Christ’s Hospital and Billingshurst stations along the Down and Up Horsham/Main lines. This distance is approximately 11 miles.

In addition to this, from a point between Dorking and Holmwood stations to Horsham station along the Down and Up Main lines, a distance of approximately 8½ miles. This includes all of the Horsham station area and its associated sidings and loop lines.

The Dorking section of the sim takes over from Panel 7 between Holmwood and Dorking and covers the Dorking station area and the Down and Up main lines to it's fringe with Wimbledon ASC at Mickleham Tunnel. The simulation can be Chained to Wimbledon here.

The area of control is of a double track arrangement throughout, with the exception of Horsham and Dorking stations.

Horsham station has the addition of the down and up loop lines, two Down (Branch) Sidings, three Carriage sidings and short Engine Road. There is also a large Terminal Complex yard.

Horsham Junction is located at the London end of Horsham station.

From beyond the London end of Horsham station, two lines, the Up and Down Main lines continue towards Warnham station and beyond.

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