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Area is centered on Ayr station and extends from the single line towards Kilkerran and Stranraer at Dalrymple Junction Northwards to signals PA312 and 313 in the Prestwick area. This is probably the busiest area with Ayr station turning around trains and the freight yards at Falkland.
Interlocking areas detail
Location TIPLOC Notes
Annbank ANNBANK Trains to/from Killoch are required to stop here and work the token. Full working details of the interface can be found here .
Ayr AYRR 4 platform station. Moves that require trains to double up on the platform require the TC override button to be pressed to clear the signal.
Ayr cariage siding AYRRCSD You must phone the shunter for permission to enter the sidings, the shunter will advise to which line he wants you to send the train; this may differ from the timetables line. Line 1 has the train washer so it is important that you obey the shunter’s instructions. You can reverse a train in the line #1 approach behind PA856 without phoning if you use "near-end" stop in the timetable.
Ayr harbour AYRRHBR Trains entering the harbour may be delayed from exiting the sim by up to 5 minutes, this may result in trains over 230m locking TC598 for the duration.
Ayr sig 335 AYRR335 Trains for Machline are required to stop here and pick up the token for the single line. Trains may use this location for shunting behind PA334. See here for full details of the interface with Mauchline.
Ayr sig 853 AYRR853 Location allows trains to reverse behind PA853 or PA343 to the North (left) of the Station.
Ayr sig 859 AYRR859 Location allows trains to reverse behind PA859 to the South (right) of the Station.
Ayr TMD AYRRTMD Traction maintenance depot and refuelling for freight train engines.
Chelmerston (Benbane) CHMS The panel labels this as Benbane but the WTT calls it Chelmerston. One train working line, trains can only access the line when unoccupied, similarly trains can only enter the sim at Chelmerston if the line is shown as “OCC” otherwise there can’t be any train to enter!
Dalrymple junction DLRYMPL Single line towards Kilkerran and on to Stranraer. Requires Paisley to request a slot from Kilkerran
Falkland freight terminal FLKLFLT
Falkland head shunt FLKLJNHS
Falkland loops FLKLNDL Trains from North sidings that reverse in loop #2 may require to be routed towards the Headshunt to clear the points. Trains routed from the loops to the reception sidings are not signalled moves but for simsig purposes there are signals provided. In “hard” mode scenarios these are made to look like exit triangles (but otherwise work like signals) which turn white when cleared. The track in this area in not TC’d but in the easy modes TC display is provided
Falkland reception FLKLNDR
Falkland sidings FLKLNDS Represents North sidings, Yard and West sidings; working TT does not seem to distinguish between the different. You must phone ahead for permission to send a train. Trains entering from the North sidings are not signalled and will roll into loop #2 (subject to occupancy testing). Long trains required to reverse will need to be signalled onwards to the headshunt.
Falkland signal 842 FLKLND842 Used for reversing into Freight yard and as a timing location for train arriving up the down line.
Falkland signal P323 FLKLJN323 Trains reversing at the LOS on the down line to the North.
Kilkerran KKERRAN Entry/exit point. Trains to Kilkerran require a slot request; Kilkerran can send a train at will.
Killoch KILCHCL Exit point just beyond Annbank junction
Mauchline MAUCHLN Entry/exit point, see here for full explanation of working.
Maybole MAYBOLE Off-sim Station (Not a key location)
Monkton GF PWCKMGF GF location for trains arriving/departing from Moncton oil terminal.
Monkton Oil PWCKMBP Aviation fuel terminal for Prestwick airport
Newton on Ayr NWTOA Station (Not a key location)
Newton on Ayr junction NWTOAJN Location for trains arriving from Mauchline as well as for main line trains.
Newton signal 843 NWTOAJN843 Reversing location behind PA843 at Newton on Ayr station.
Newton signal 844 NWTOAJN844 Reversing location behind PA844 at Newton on Ayr junction.
Prestwick Airport PWCKAPT Station (Not a key location). Station is operated by the Airport, not Scotrail.
Prestwick Town PWCK Station


Area based around the relay room at Barassie junction. For SimSig purposes the junction location is just behind PB275 and on the same TCs as Barassie station. You must phone ahead to the paper mill to advise of trains heading to the mill. The down sidings are used by trains running between Kilmarnock and Hunterston to reverse in.

Trains to and from Kilmarnock are controlled by Kilmarnock, until Kilmarnock has given the slot there is no bar to a Down train entering so you may get a "Mexican" if you are not careful. You should be aware that ARS will call for the slot after it has set the route up to PB274.

Location TIPLOC Notes
Barassie BARASIE Station (Not a key location)
Barassie down siding BARACE Exit/entry point
Barassie DPL BARADPL DPL is the loop between PB815 and PB283. There is a TC override button for calling-on trains.
Barassie junction BARASIJ Location is on the TCs at Barassie station and behind PB275.
Barassie signal 804 BARASIE804 Reversing location to the North of Barassie station.
Barassie signal 805 BARASIE805 Reversing location to the North of Barassie station.
Barassie signal 813 BARA813 Location between signal PB813 and PB809.
Barassie UGL BARAUGL Up goods loop
Hillhouse quarry HILHQRY Exit/entry point
Irvine paper mill IRVNCPP Exit/entry point.
Kilmarnock KILMRNK Exit/entry point. Paisley must request a slot from Kilmarnock. This is best done before the train is signalled towards the single line to avoid a Mexican.
Shewalton GF SHEWGF GF location for trains heading to/from Hillhouse and the Coup.
Shewalton sidings BARASCP Exit/entry point
Troon TROON Station (Not a key location)
Troon signal 817 TROON817 Reversing location to the North of Troon station.


A very small interlocking area essentially controlling the loop, I’m not 100% sure where the boundaries are. There is an interesting arrangement with the overlaps between P131 and P132 and between P133 and P134. At first sight they appear rather restrictive but in reality they are some 600yds long and can be shared. That enables trains to approach P131 and P132 (or P133/134) at the same time. This is not fully supported by SimSig but I’ve come up with something that works, though on close examination you may see some flickering and apparent momentary drop-out of the locking in certain circumstances.

Location TIPLOC Notes
Dunrod DUNROD The loop


Area centred on Eldeslie loop between Paisley Gilmore Street (Sigs PE143/PE146) and Lochwinnoch area (PE175/PE176). A timing point for the Ayrshire coast passenger services and one end of the bi-di section to Kilwinning. The CE sidings are also the location for a WH Malcom depot, to whom you need to telephone to advise of approaching trains.

Location TIPLOC Notes
Elderslie ELDRSLI Loop location
Elderslie siding ELDRSCE Exit/entry point.
Howwood HOWOOD Station (Not a key location)
Johnstone JOHNSTN Station (Not a key location)
Lochwinnoch LCHWNCH Station
Milliken Park MILKNPK Station (Not a key location)


Area between Lochwinnoch (PG177/PG178) and Dalry (PG213/PG214) with three loops (Glengarnock UGL and Brownhill UPL/DPL). Intermediate location within the Bi-Di section.

Location TIPLOC Notes
Brownhill CE BROWNCE GF controlled siding (not an exit/entry siding)
Brownhill loops BROWPL DPL and UGL
Dalry DALRY Station
Glengarnock GLGN Station (not a key location)
Glengarnock siding GLNGRCE Exit/entry point
Glengarnock signal 183 GLNGR183 Reversing point behind PG183
Glengarnock signal 763 GLNGR763 Reversing point behind PG763 (Glengarnock station)
Roche BROWROCHE Exit/entry point. You need to telephone to advise of approaching trains.
Roche HS BROWROCHEHS Headshunt for trains reversing in UPL


Gourock area extends from Fort Matilda (PU104/PU105) into the terminus at Gourock. The station has 3 platforms with 1 being the preferred default. The area has auto-working ACI and ARS explains how this works.

Location TIPLOC Notes
Fort Matilda FRTMTLD Station (Not a key location)
Gourock GOUROCK Terminus station
Gourock LOS GOUROCKLOS Reversing point behind PU112 for trains using platform 3


Area starts to the North of Ardrossan (sigs PH495/PH512) and runs to Largs via Hunterston Junction where the Upper and Lower Terminals branch off. The up line between Hunterston Junction and Ardrossan is a goods line and has never been electrified; the down line being bi-di for the Ayreshire electric trains. The Sim has an “Pseudo early era” option which allows passenger trains to use the up line and deletes the bi-di. In reality the line was double throughout to Largs, which had 4 platforms and ECS sidings.
Hunterston High level sidings includes the massive coal importation terminal and is the source of the coal trains serving the Power station at Longannet and elsewhere.

The Largs station area has auto-working ACI and ARS explains how this works.

Location TIPLOC Notes
Fairlie High FAIRLIE Station (Not a key location)
Fairlie Admiralty GF FAIRMODG GF for trains entering the Admiralty siding
Fairlie Admiralty siding FAIRMOD GF controlled siding (not an exit/entry siding)
Fairlie High siding FAIRLSN Exit/entry point
Fairlie High siding GF FAIRLSNG GF for trains entering Fairlie High siding
Hunterston high level HNTRSHL Exit/Entry point
Hunterston junction HNTRSJN Junction
Hunterston low level HNTRSLL Exit/Entry point
Hunterston signal 897 HNTRS897 Reversing point behind Sigs PH513/PH897
Largs LARGS Terminus station
West Kilbride WKILBRD Station (Not a key location). An Up platform will appear with the older layout option.


Quite a busy area with the lines for Ayr and Ardrossan/Largs diverging, covers the area from just south of Dalry (PK215/PK216) to Irvine (PK259/PK258) and Ardrossan (PK477/PK482). Kilwinning station is on a triangle with the third side offering a freight only link between Ayr and Ardrossan also used by ECS trains.
The line to Ardrossan Harbour sees a regular service (some trains terminate at the Town station), this is a One Train Working line with line occupation indicators.
For technical reasons it’s not possible to interpose nor change the TD at signal PK478 but hopefully the ACI (of whatever form) will get it right.

Location TIPLOC Notes
Ardrossan EMU siding ARDRSDS Reversing siding for terminating EMUs (if needed)
Ardrossan Harbour ARDRSHB Station
Ardrossan South Beach ARDRSSB Station
Ardrossan Town ARDRSTN Station
Bogside junction BGSDEJN Junction for Snodgrass branch.
Byrehill junction BYREHJ Junction
Dubbs junction DUBBSJ Junction
ICI Snodgrass IRVNB Exit/Entry location with one train occupation controls
Irvine IRVN Station
Irvine down sidings IRVNDS Not exit/entry sidings
Irvine signal 801 IRVN801 Reversing point behind signal PK801
Irvine up headshunt IRVNHS Headshunt for trains using the down sidings.
Irvine up sidings IRVNCE Exit/Entry siding
Kilwinning KILWNNG Station
Kilwinning CE siding KILWNCE Not exit/entry sidings
Kilwinning down sidings KILWJCE Exit/Entry siding
Kilwinning down siding HS KILWJCEHS Headshunt for down sidings
Kilwinning goods yard KILWGDY Exit/Entry siding
Kilwinning signal 777 KILW777 Revesing point at PK777 (Up Ayr)
Kilwinning signal 794 KILW794 Revesing point at PK794 (Down Ayr)
Kilwinning UGL KILWUGL Up goods loop, use stopping distances to adjust for trains accessing CE siding.
Misk MISK Exit/Entry siding
Saltcoats SLCT Station
Stevenston STVNSTN Station (Not a key location)
Stevenston DGL STVNDGL Down goods loop
Stevenston down siding STVNDS Exit/Entry siding
Stevenston Nylon STVNNY Exit/Entry siding
Stevenston signal 873 STVN873 Reversing point at PK873 (Up Largs)
Stevenston signal 886 STVN886 Reversing point at PK883 and PK878 (Down Largs). Use stopping point adjustments.


Relay room is at Bogston Station and covers the area from Greenock West (sigs P102/P103) and the Wemyss Bay line through Wemyss Bay Junction and up to Woodhall (sigs P63/P64). The main point of note is at the junction where the Overlap from signal P75 into the trap does not fully illuminate when in use.

Location TIPLOC Notes
Bogston BOGSTON Station (Not a key location)
Bogston siding BOGSTONS Exit/entry location
Bogston sig 81 (rev) BOGSTON81 Reversing point behind sig P81
Bogston sig 84 (rev) BOGSTON84 Reversing point behind sig P84
Branchton BRNCHTN Station (not a key location)
Cartsdyke CRTSDYK Station (not a key location)
Drumfrochar DRMFCHR Station (not a key location)
Greenock Central GRENCKC Station (not a key location)
Greenock CPA GRENCPA Exit/entry location
Greenock Central siding GRENCCE GF controlled siding (not an exit/entry siding)
Greenock Central GF GRENCCEGF GF for trains entering Greenock Central siding
Greenock West GRENCKW Station (not a key location)
Greenock West Dn GF GRENCKWD Greenock West crossover GF (Down line)
Greenock West Up GF GRENCKWU Greenock West crossover GF (Up line)
IBM IBMM Station (not a key location)
Port Glasgow PTGLSGW Station (not a key location)
Wemyss Bay Jn WEMYSBJ Junction
Wemyss Jn signal P73 (rev) WEMYSBJR Reversing point behind signal P73
Whinhill WHINH Station (not a key location)
Woodhall WHHL Station (not a key location)


Paisley; the centre of out universe. The box itself is on the Up side of Gilmore Street station. The Inverclyde lines to Gourock and Wemyess Bay were electrified as part of the "blue train" modernisation of the late 60s; the Ayrshire lines were electrified some 20 years later. Although signal P35 is a 3 aspect signal and should normally step to Green when P31 is at yellow in fact it does not step up to Green till P31 is at Double yellow aspect. Signal P35 also has a Warner route available to P31 (not relevant to 2015).


Wemyss Bay

Another area where, save for the regular passenger service, not a lot happens.
Location TIPLOC Notes
Arkleson Jn ARKLSTJ Junction
Arkleson Jn (rev) ARKLSTJR Reversing point behind signal P7 (LOS): not 2015
Bishopton BISHPTN Station (Not a key location)
Bishopton BAE sidings BISHPBA Exit/entry sidings
Bishopton GF BISHPGF GF for access to BAE sidings
Cardonald CDNL Off-screen station (Not a key location)
Gallowhill sidings PSLYGSD Exit/entry sidings
Gower St Jn GWSTJN Off-screen Cross-over (Not a key location): 2015 only
Helen St Jn HESRJN Off-screen Cross-over (Not a key location): 2015 only
Hillingdon East HLNGTNE Station (Not a key location)
Hillingdon West HLNGTNW Station (Not a key location)
Langbank LGBK Station (Not a key location)
Langbank GF dn LGBKGFD Langbank crossover GF (Down line)
Langbank GF up LGBKGFU Langbank crossover GF (Up line)
Paisley CE Siding PSLYUCE Not an exit/entrance siding
Paisley DGL PSLYDGL DGL trains for Gallowhill sidings may need stopping point adjustment.
Paisley Gilmour Street PSLYGST Station
Paisley sig P26 (rev) PSLYP26 Reverse behind sig P26 (up Main): not 2015
Paisley sig P38 (rev) PSLYP38 Reverse behind sig P38 (Up Gourock): not 2015
Paisley sig P40 (rev) PSLYP40 Reverse behind sig P40 (Up Gourock): not 2015
Paisley sig P41 (rev) PSLYP41 Reverse behind sig P41 (Dn Gourock): not 2015
Paisley St James PSLYSTJ Station
Paisley St James HS PSLYSTJSDH St James siding Head Shunt: not 2015
Paisley St James sidings PSLYSTJSD Exit/Entry location: not 2015
Paisley UGL PSLYUGL UGL: not 2015
Shields Junction SHLDJN Exit/Entry location
Location TIPLOC Notes
Inverkip INVERKP Station (Not a key location)
Wemyss Bay WEMYSSB Terminus station

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