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SimSig Maidstone East

SimSig Maidstone East

14 splash screens come with the sim, these are as follows:

  • 1) Maidstone East signal box;
  • 2) Lenham Station looking towards Charing;
  • 3) Lenham Station looking towards Maidstone;
  • 4) ME333 shunt signal, Lenham;
  • 5) Harrietsham Station looking towards Maidstone;
  • 6) ME200 signal, Harrietsham;
  • 7) 6S01 passing Harrietsham on the Up line;
  • 8) Week Street Tunnel London end portal;
  • 9) Medway River brige at Maidstone East;
  • 10) 6S01 passing Platform 2 at Maidstone East;
  • 11) 6S01 entering Week Street Tunnel;
  • 12) Up train in Platform 1 at Maidstone East;
  • 13) ME11 signal, the exit from the tamper siding;
  • 14) ME37 signal, Platform 3 at Maidstone East.


Obviously this being my first sim I've had a lot of help from other developers, especially Howard Potter & Paul Curran as well as a small band of testers including Phil Price from Maidstone East box, so thanks to him and Geoff Lomas for endless questions and visits in order to get the sim as authentic as possible.

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