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SimSig Maidstone East

Operational Notes

Maidstone East

ME189 signal at the Country end of Platform 1 is a fixed red aspect. As a result you can signal Down trains into the platform from the London (Barming) end, but there is no route from the platform towards Bearstead.

ME23BR only changes to the "off" position when a route is set all the way through the middle road.

TRTS is provided but in the modern era it is disconnected as per real life.


Hothfield Stone terminal requires a call to the shunter who will advise you when whether he can accept a train or not.

Beechbrook Farm

Trains timetabled into the Beechbrook Farm complex require a slot, this is acchived by pressing the appropriate SA button which, once acknowledged by the complex shunter, will go steady allowing the route into the siding to be set.

Trains can be run round in the Loop at Beechbrook Farm


The sim currently chains with Victoria Eastern and is future proofed to chain with Ashford if it ever gets built.

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