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Level Crossings
List of User Worked Crossings


Level Crossings

All of Saltley's crossings, bar one, are User Worked Crossings (UWCs). These are accommodation crossings, usually with a telephone provided for crossing users.

The exception is Bentley Heath crossing, which is supervised by a Crossing Keeper . The signaller can set a route at any time, and when the train approaches the crossing the crossing keeper will lower the barriers and release the slot on the signal (allowing it to clear), with no further action from the signaller.

List of User Worked Crossings

Name Panel
Beaumont Hill Stratford
Burnham Brothers Stratford
Burton Farm #1 Stratford
Burton Farm #2 Stratford
Edstone Hall #1 Stratford
Park Farm #1 Stratford
Park Farm #2 Stratford
Sillesbourne Farm Stratford
Songar Grange Farm Stratford
Windridge North
Yew Tree Farm Stratford

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