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SimSig Worksop

SimSig Worksop


Thanks are due to the following people, in no particular order, without whose help and patience, this simulation would not have been possible:

Thanks to Geoff Mayo for creating SimSig and allowing me to become part of the development team.

Kurt Sickelmore, Neil Brady, Chris Lord, Clive Feather, Andy Greenland, Dave McCormick, Noel Young, Chris Law, Matt Cooper, Paul Curran, Ben Woodward, James Nelhams, Thomas O'Flatterly.

The staff at various signal boxes in the Worksop area, as well as numerous Network Rail employees too numerous to mention.

Last but by no means least, the biggest thanks must go to my lovely partner Wetherspoons.

Howard Potter

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Howard might be persuaded to buy a beer for the first person to comment on the above!

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