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SimSig Horsham
Splash Screens

SimSig Horsham

Splash Screens

Splash 1: Dorking platform 3, looking towards Horsham. CBK6 is on the right, CBK 5 on the gantry.

Splash 2: Dorking Platform 3, showing the Down Siding.

Splash 3: Dorking Platform 2, showing a South West Trains class 450 working a service to London.

Splash 4: Dorking, London end of Platforms 2 and 3. CBK39 is on the left, CBK 38 on the right. Dorking signalbox is in the background.

Splash 5: Dorking signal box. The box is constructed in the distinctive art-deco style of the Southern Railway, and its type picked up the nickname 'Odeon'. The box opened in 1938, as part of a rationalisation of the Dorking station area.

Splash 6: Three Bridges Panel 7. The fringe with Billingshurst is closest to the camera.

Splash 7: Three Bridges Panel 7, showing a close-up of the junction with the Dorking line.

Splash 8: Same as Splash 7.

Splash 9: Three Bridges Panel 7, showing a close-up of the Arundel end of Horsham station. The signaller appears to have given the ECS in the sidings the same description as the trains they'll form later.

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