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Saltley Area Maps




Saltley PSB opened in 1969. The interlockings were originally AGS Geographical and (for Snow Hill only), BRS SW67 types. The panel was an AGS/GRS type.

The type of railway controlled by Satley varies considerably between its panels. North & Centre control the main Cross Country route towards Tamworth (the route continues to Yorkshire and the North East), along with a large number of freight terminals. South Top controls the main cross country route towards the south west, the first section of which is shared with the southern end of the Birmingham 'Cross City' line to Longbridge and Redditch, with inter-city services jostling for space with the frequent metro-style Cross City service.

By contrast, South Bottom controls the northern end of the Chiltern (formerly GWR) main line from London, again with a mix of local suburban traffic. Cross Country services also use this line to access Reading and the South Coast.

The simulation fringes to Birmingham New St at three different locations; you'll notice that many Cross Country trains will exit the simulation at Birmingham New St, only to re-appear shortly afterwards from one of the other fringes.

From the late 2000s, control of the area was progressively transferred to West Midlands Signalling Centre (WMSC). Saltley finally closed following the transfer of South Top panel to WMSCC on 05/11/2016. The area is now controlled from Westcad workstations and a mixture of SSI and Westlock interlockings.

In addition to the Saltley PSB area, the simulation includes the mechanical boxes at Shirley, Henley-in-Arden and Bearley Jn, which together control the route to Stratford-Upon-Avon. These three boxes closed in 2010, with control again passing to WMSCC.

Saltley Area Maps

Geographical map of Simulation area

Birmingham Area Map

- A schematic showing main and link lines in the Birmingham area.

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